The Brothers

Who are the English Brothers? They are brothers Wes, Ray and Gerald English, all born and raised in Texas. The brothers have been performing together in various combinations since the mid 1970s, bringing together finely-tuned vocal harmonies that only family members can achieve. If you’re interested in learning more about The English Brothers, please call Wes at 210.705.3583.

Wes English: Baritone – lead and harmony vocals, guitar

Wes performed for 22 years as a singer/yodeler/musician with the world famous Flying W Wranglers in Colorado Springs – the 2nd oldest Western band next to The Sons of the Pioneers. In addition to entertaining at the Flying W Chuckwagon Ranch, Wes performed at Carnegie Hall, the Kennedy Center, Nashville Now, and with the Colorado Springs Symphony with the Wranglers. During that time they recorded over 18 western, gospel, and comedy albums, which sold worldwide. He enjoys writing songs and expressing his faith through lyrics and melody.  Although Wes is loved dearly, his brothers sometimes aren’t sure if his horse sense is enough to saddle up and ride.

Ray English: Tenor – harmony vocals, mandolin/banjo

Ray’s tenor voice tops off the rich English Brother’s sound. However, Ray seems to intentionally get into squabbles with his brothers over things that are only important to Ray, it seems. His Stetson may just go to flying if the brothers get one too many burrs under his saddle, as they are intending to do. To be sure, Ray will have the last word!

Gerald English: Baritone – lead and harmony vocals, stand up bass

As the youngest of five boys, Gerald grew up in the shadow of his older brothers. While his natural talent as a Graphic Artist has given him the ability to produce artwork for the English Brothers, his love for theatrics has made him an integral part of their performance. He enjoys performing with his brothers and spending time with his family which includes six children of his own.  If that weren’t enough to distract him he can always count on his A.D.D. to take him on a rabbit trail now and then. It seems his creative mind never sits idle.